About Us

The purpose for which the Foundation has been established is to receive and/or maintain real or personal property and other charitable contributions that enhance and supplement the existing public recreational, cultural and environmental opportunities in the City of Kettering.


The Kettering Parks Foundation has adopted the following goals:

1. To solicit and accept donations, gifts, bequests, and legacies from individuals, organizations and corporations that further the overall purposes of the Foundation.

2. To contribute to the quality of the urban setting in Kettering by providing financial assistance in the acquisition, improvement, preservation, conservation and rehabilitation of public open space, facilities, gardens, parks and other natural resources.

3. To contribute to the quality of life in Kettering by providing financial assistance for the implementation and/or development of cultural, recreational, and educational enrichment programs, activities and facilities that benefit the health and individual leisure needs of persons living in the Kettering community.

4. To inform and educate Kettering citizens about the importance of quality community leisure and cultural opportunities and open space in Kettering.